• for PVC and polyurethane belts
  • No width limited, max upto 3.2m width belt. Standard type: 1600mm, also can make smaller 1000mm and wider 2000mm, (punching board suitable belt width)
  • Upto 4000mm, can make speical
  • Wider working table, for 1600 type, the punching area dimension: 1650*50*20mm
  • Semi-automatic and pneumatic
  • Use Booster cylinder, high cylinder strength, work with high quality blade, punch belt completed at one time. 10 times higher speed than the old design.
  • Precision moving and punching, use guide rail, can move smooth and easy to control the punching position.
  • Can punching both single finger and double fingers, triple fingers (this machine makes it easy to cut finger-over-finger joints with a simple forward/backward movement of the belts)
  • Standard die blade size: 20*50mm, other dimension is optional: 10*80mm, 10*70mm, 10*80mm, 10*90mm, 20*80mm etc. Also have 2 type blade style for select, round blade and sharp blade..
  • Fixed belt and move, use pneumatic cylinder system
  • Any other special requirements, pls freely to send inquiry to us.
Video for Semi-automatic Belt Finger Punch:
Video for Semi-automatic Belt Finger Punch
beltwin finger-puncher 5

Main Components:

1. Guide Rail & Booster Cylinder

beltwin semi-automatic finger puncher-3


beltwin semi-automatic finger puncher-2

2. Two Pneumatic Cylinder Clamps to Fix Belt

beltwin semi-automatic finger puncher

3. New Structure: Wider Working Table and No Width Limited

beltwin semi-automatic

punching blade