Semi-Automatic Endless Belt Slitter

The belt slitter was engineered for cutting timing belt sleeves and flat belts.It is one of the most helpful tools in your shop and help you lower labor costs and higher productivity.
Semi-Automatic Endless Belt Slitter

The slitter includes manual longitudinal cutting and automatic blade lateral movement,which can improve cutting accuracy.Mainly suit customers who need to cut many different types of belts in daily work.It doesn't have to set much data to provide a high effect to supply the immediate requirements of your customers.The slitter can reduce the storage and costs of belts,a good partner to make high profit.


  • Standard specifications
  • Can set manual/automatic move blade left/right to next cutting width
  • Max belt width: 500mm
  • Max belt length: 3000mm
  • Min belt length: 300mm
  • Min cutting width: 3mm
  • High precision: ±0.3mm
  • Voltage: AC220-240V single phase 50HZ
  • Power: 2.2KW
  • Equipped with replaceable cutting shaft φ63 & φ40
  • Stepper motors and servo motors are used
  • Spindle speed 0-450 rpm (adjustable)


  • Controlled by PLC
  • Cutting speed is variable (controlled by a steady frequency inverter)
  • Digital display of the cutting width
  • With a touch screen set cutting width and cutting quantities,stop cutting when arriving at cutting quantities.And can set a cutting start point in any position.
  • Manually move the blade forwarder for cutting ; Automatically move the blade backward
  • Can set manual or automatic blade lateral movement to the next cutting position
  • Can use ball screw manually or motor electric belt tension
  • Manually adjust the belt horizontal roller
  • Cutting shaft is exchangeable,diamter φ63 and φ40.

Safety Devices

  • Emergency power off
  • Safety knife cover
  • Electric protection

Machine Frame

  • The main body is free of assembling.Other parts are easy to connect with bolts.Easy maintence.
  • Baking varnish
  • Electric adjust belt horizontal roller


  1. The cutting machine was engineered for cutting timing and flat belt sleeves.
  2. This machine can help you lower labour costs and higher productivity.
  3. The slitter is one of the helpful tools in your shop, it can help you lower labour costs and higher productivity, reduce the storage and costs of belts.
  4. The machine can supply immediate requirements of your customers, make more profit.

  1. Machine main body free of assemble, other parts easy bolts connection. Easy maintenance.
  2. The controller panel can be selected in English or can be customized in Spanish.

  1. Manual adjustment for easy operation.



If you have special requirements for other belt sizes or need an automatic machine, we also have a solution. Please contact us for details.

Semi Automatic Timing Belt Cutting Machine, Endless Belt Slitter