Air Cooling PVC PU Belt Splice Press PA300-2100

Beltwin air-cooled press, the All In One Splice Press, new portable splice press. This air-cooled press has all components integrated into the tool, allowing a user to simply plug it into electricity and it is ready for use.
Air Cooling PVC PU Belt Splice Press PA300-2100
Air Cooling PVC PU Belt Splice Press PA300-2100 Air Cooling PVC PU Belt Splice Press PA300-2100 Air Cooling PVC PU Belt Splice Press PA300-2100 Air Cooling PVC PU Belt Splice Press PA300-2100 Air Cooling PVC PU Belt Splice Press PA300-2100 Air Cooling PVC PU Belt Splice Press PA300-2100

All In One Air Cooling Press PA300-2100

The splice press splices fast and is portable everywhere.  

Product Information

  1. Cooling: Air Cooling
  2. Belt width from 24″ (300 mm) to 82″ (2100 mm)
  3. Machine Material: Aluminum
  4. Working Pressure: 2 bars / 28PSI / 0.2Mpa
  5. Heating Effective width: 130mm Generation 2/ 150mm Generation 3
  6. Flight case is included.


  1. Support Stand (for workshop use), pneumatic lift
  2. Jointing accessories: PTFE film & pad, Silicone Pad-set, PVC/PU film etc. can help for better jointing. Please contact with us for details. We will offer you right solution.


  • The PA series air cooled press, have different models for width from 24″ (300 mm) to 82″ (2100 mm)
  • Used for splicing PVC PU PVK Printing Blankets belt etc. thermoplastic belt materials
  • Portable Conveyor Belt Splice Press, lightweight and with a flight case as standard packing, is easily removed to anywhere for job site use.
  • Fast Splicing: including heating time&cooling time, no more than 12 mins.
  • Temperature up to 200 ºC (392 ºF)
  • All-in-one design: The press has an integrated air-cooling system and also an air compressor inside. To ensure that the belt is quickly cooled down and auto press on, without a water pump or additional air compressor.
  • Easy to use and assemble, how to operate pls freely to refer to the below video.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Reliable and automatic Temperature Control with time control. High-quality Eurotherm controller.
  • Air pressure controller (set the air pressure and display the current pressure), High-quality SMC controller.
  • Voltage: 220V or 380V, if special voltage pls freely inform us, like 110V (only under 1200mm, including 1200) etc.
  • If used in the workshop, the pneumatic lifting steel stand is optional.



Thee extruded aluminum alloy body makes the total machine lightweight. The low profile height is only 83mm. Both end caps are machined by a CNC machine. Outside high-quality painting (red color is our standard color, but we also can offer other colors, like blue as your request). The whole body is hand polished to ensure the safety of your workers.

Heating Platen

Including upper and bottom heating platens, both use silicone element heating systems and work with titanium heating plates, which can offer fast and even heating when jointing. The heating elements are completely sealed, and covered by silicone rubber to make sure it is far from the air, have a longer lifetime, are moisture-proof, safer. The inside heating elements are distributed under the control of the computer, and produced by an automatic machine, not manually wired.

Cooling System

Several high-performance fans on the upper frame ensure can cooling down from 180ºC to 65ºC only takes 4m30s to 5m30s.

The new generation air cooling press has fans on both upper and lower frames. All the fans will start to work automatically when the dwell time is finished. The cooling temperature also can be adjusted by yourself.

Control Panel

Built-in the frame of the press and easy to operate. Temperature control (setting heating temperature and cooling temperature) and time control (dwell time setting) in one meter. Pressure control is independent, specially supplied by SMC Pneumatic Japan, with pressure limitation, making sure the workers can’t set pressure higher than 2 bars, much safer.

Pressure Sytem

PA press has a maximum operating pressure of 2.0kg/cm (2 bars), which is applied with an air pressure bag inside the bottom frame. For each airbag, we will test pressure and air tightness detection before installing it in the machine. The built-in air compressor can make the pressure to 1 bar at 15~20 seconds.

Technical Datasheet for GEN-2 Air Cooling Press

Beltwin Gen-2 Air Cooling Press Specification
Model PA300 PA600 PA900 PA1200 PA1500 PA1500H PA1800
Effective length 305 mm / 12″ 610 mm / 24″ 914 mm / 36″ 1219 mm / 48″ 1524 mm / 60″ 1524 mm / 60'' 1829 mm / 72''
Effective width 130 mm / 5.1″ 130 mm / 5.1″ 130 mm / 5.1″ 130 mm / 5.1″ 130 mm / 5.1″ 130 mm / 5.1″ 130 mm/ 5.1''
Weight lower part 10 kg 16 kg 20 kg 28.5 kg 30 kg 45KG 63.3kg
Weight upper part 11 kg 13 kg 18 kg 25.5 kg 30 kg 53kg 47.5kg
Total weight 21 kg 30 kg 38 kg 54 kg 62 kg 100 kg 121 kg
Overall height 220 mm 225 mm 225 mm 225 mm 225 mm 255 mm 255 mm
Overall width 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Overall length 505 mm 805 mm 1105 mm 1405 mm 1705 mm 1700 mm 2005 mm
Max working pressure 2 Bar / 28 PSI 2 Bar / 28 PSI 2 Bar / 28 PSI 2 Bar / 28 PSI 2 Bar / 28 PSI 2 Bar / 28 PSI 1.2 Bar / 17 PSI
Max. temperature 200 ˚C / 390 ˚F 200 ˚C / 390 ˚F 200 ˚C / 390 ˚F 200 ˚C / 390 ˚F 200 ˚C / 390 ˚F 200 ˚C / 390 ˚F 200 ˚C / 390 ˚F
Power 1.6 KW 2.8 KW 4.0 KW 5.3 KW 6.5 KW 6.5 KW 7.6 KW
Machine & flight case weight 39 kg 52 kg 66 kg 80 kg 95 kg 132 kg 158 kg
Gross weight 50 kg 72 kg 99 kg 104 kg 127kg 162 kg 195 kg
Packaging list(L x W x H) 790*430*420 1090*430*420 1390*430*420 1720*450*430 1990*430*420 1990*430*520 2130*450*520

Electric Power

Voltage PA300 PA600 PA900 PA1200 PA1500 PA1500H PA1800
Single PH/110V 14A 25A 35A 47A / / /
Single PH/220V 7A 12.5A 18A 23.5A 29A 29A 34A
Three PH/230V 5.5A 10A 14.5A 19A 23.5A 23.5A 26.5A
Three PH/380V 4A 7A 10A 14A 16A 16A 19A
Three PH/440V  3A 5.5A 8.5A 11A 14A 14A 16A

Technical Datasheet for GEN-3 Air Cooling Press

Beltwin GEN-3 Air Cooling Press Specification
Model PA-600 Gen-3 PA-900 Gen-3 PA-1200 Gen-3 PA-1500 Gen-3 PA-1800 Gen-3 PA2100 Gen-3
Effective splice length 23''/600mm 35''/900mm 47''/1200mm 50''/1500mm 72''/1800mm 82''/2100mm
Effective splice width 6''/150mm 6''/150mm 6''/150mm 6''/150mm 6''/150mm 6''/150mm
Upper weight 41.8 lbs(19kg) 70.5 lbs(32kg) 83.8 lbs(38kg) 96.2 lbs(43.6kg) 110.2 lbs(50kg) 124.8 lbs(56.6kg)
Lower weight 46.2 lbs(21kg) 74.9 lbs(34kg) 86 lbs(39kg) 100.8 lbs(45.7kg) 115.9 lbs(52.6kg) 132.3 lbs(60kg)
Total weight 88.1 lbs(40kg) 145.5 lbs(66kg) 169.8 lbs(77kg) 201.6 lbs(91.5kg) 231.7 lbs(105kg) 263.2 lbs(119.4kg)
Length 33.5″/875mm 45.3″/115mm 56.1″/1425mm 67.9″/1725mm 79.7″/2025mm 91.5″/2325mm
Height upper part 9.8″/250mm 9.8″/250mm 9.8″/250mm 7.3″/185mm 7.3″/185mm 7.3″/185mm
Height lower part 7.5″/190mm 7.5″/190mm 7.5″/190mm 5.5″/140mm 5.5″/140mm 5.5″/140mm
Overall height 12.6″/320mm 12.6″/320mm 12.6″/320mm 12.8″/325mm 12.8″/325mm 12.8″/325mm
Max pressure 28PSI/2BAR 28PSI/2BAR 28PSI/2BAR 28PSI/2BAR 19PSI/1.3BAR 19PSI/1.3BAR
Max temperature 200 ˚C / 392 ˚F 200 ˚C / 392 ˚F 200 ˚C / 392 ˚F 200 ˚C / 392 ˚F 200 ˚C / 392 ˚F 200 ˚C / 392 ˚F
Transport dimensions 46.6″*19.3″*27.7″ 55.1″*16.9″*16.2″ 67.3″*16.9″*16.2″ 75.7″*18″*20.8″ 87.6″*18″*20.8″ 99.4″*18″*20.8″
1185mm*490mm*705mm 1400mm*430mm*410mm 1710mm*430mm*410mm 1924mm*456mm*527mm 2224mm*456mm*527mm 2524mm*456mm*527mm

Electric Power

Voltage PA-600 PA-900 PA-1200 PA-1500 PA-1800 PA-2100
Single PH/110V 20A 29A 36A / / /
Single PH/220V 10A 14.5A 18A 22.5A 12A 33.5A
Three PH/380V Available 12A 14.5A 18.5A

Warranty Period

Your Air Cooling Presses are guaranteed against defective parts, material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of delivery (Bill of Lading date)

Steel Support Is Optional:  With Pneumatic lifting System

It is necessary for your workshop.

New PA2100 Air Cooling Press

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