Tangential Belt Manual Finger Punching Tool TC100-200

A device for preparing (die-cutting) Tangential Belt, power transmission belts for finger joint, easy to operation, maximum belt width :100/200mm
Tangential Belt Manual Finger Punching Tool TC100-200

For tangential belt/transmission belt, maximum belt width:100mm/200mm. A variety of finger sizes are available, for example: 120*10mm, 100*10mm, 80*10mm, 60*10mm etc. Special specifications can be customized.

  1. Max belt width 100mm/200mm
  2. With steady base, good for workshop use.
  3. Precise position punching, 10mm Indexing
  4. Simple operation, move the handle, just remember half circle is 5mm, one full circle is 10 mm pitch. Very easy.
  5. Punching both ends of the belt.
  6. 4 standard size fingers blade: 120x10mm, 100x10mm, 80x10mm and 60x10mm can also produce according to your request.



Beltwin Manual Finger Punching Tool For Transmission Belt

How to save material while punching fingers--Tangential Belt Manual Finger Puncher