About Beltwin

The collision of Chinese and Western cultures, strive for survival by quality, and development by innovation


Beltwin combines European technology with the advantages of Chinese manufacturing, and uses modern Chinese factory production technology to provide global customers with high-end equipment and projects that meet European stan dards, continuously improving our cost advantage and equipment core competitiveness.

In terms of technology, Beltwin continues to reserve talents and now has a series of professional design engineers and technicians From development to production, we can customize satisfactory equipment solutions for customers anytime and anywhere. In addition, we have been working hard to follow up the world. Top companies learn new technologies and develop new equipment every year, and provide equipment training to customers for free.

About Team

Picasso Liu,Chairman / CEO
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Picasso Liu

Founder & Chairman of Beltwin Co.,Ltd

Quality Material Handling Equipment and Superior Customer Service

Hey , I am Picasso, director of Beltwin and expert in conveyor belt equipment industry for over 14 years, I would like to share my experience in the field. Beltwin is a leading conveyor belt machinery manufacturer We can provide you one stop solution for all your conveyor belt splicing equipment requirement. If any questions, freely to reach me I will try my best to give you good advice and solution.

Why Us?

Problems you may face or have faced:

  • European equipment out of budget.
  • Have good idea, but big company can't make special for you or very high cost.
  • Various machines from many suppliers, time and money loss, any problems have to commu nicate with each one of them.
  • Slow reaction, delay delivery, nobody responsible for your beneft.
  • You offer 24/7 service for your customers, but you can't get the same serivce for your machines.
  • Many old machines, slow production process, low productivity, big l oss, low-quality fabrication.
  • No trouble shooting and maintenance, slow or wrong respon se, no service.
  • Want to open one workshop, but afraid of experience of belt fabrication and where to buy from the good belting.

Benefits you can get from Beltwin:

  • European standard nigh-quallty machine with favorable price.
  • Experienced technical team understand conveyor belt machines, and can work together with you to make machines accords to your requirements. Nothing is impossible.
  • One-stop sernice, total solution for your workshop, whole set of machines with uniform standard and perfomance. AnY prob lems of your any machines, just contact with us.
  • Shot reaction time, standard machines we have stocks, a lowing us to ship within 3 days word-widle maximize your benents.
  • Any time, our team are ready to answer your any questions of the machines and offer you solutions, you can contact with us via emal, whatspp. Contact Beltwin support Team Now
  • More and more new machines for belt fabricalion, increase your productivity and working qualiy.
  • Only focus on machines for belt fabrcation and base the big market in China, our team nave faced s0 many ilferent issues, can offer in-time and proper trouble-shooling and maintenance qudance.
  • We can help to make whole workshop solution, training service for workers and share with you the belting ma nufacturers in tormations in China.


Pursuing quality and service
Beltwin is committed to building a global sales system

Beltwin has provided services to more than 150 countries and regions in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, the Middle East, etc., providing customers in various fields around the world with a full set of workshop conveyor processing equipment and after-sales team support for better tracking of customers Using experience, Beltwin assigns special personnel to various countries to conduct visits and equipment maintenance work to answer all questions about the product in a timely manner.

Beltwin has been serving customers around the world with heart for many years, and its service quality has been recognized and trusted by users from all walks of life, which has laid a solid foundation for our good brand image. In the future, we will also plan to set up branches in Europe and other regions, and send professional and technical personnel to permanent overseas, hoping to achieve the first time for customers to carry out pre-sales tracking to after-sales maintenance work, I believe that in the near future, Beltwin is of high quality Our service system will surely break national boundaries and come to your side.

Our Mission

Providing reliable and cost-efficient equipment and service. Create long-term value for customer.

Our Vision

Strive to offer completed solutions for all of the belting, increase productivity and keep your industry in motion.

About Our Company

Standardized production, Beltwin is your strong backing

Beltwin has 5500 square meters new workshop, 42 workers and 5 engineers, is able to provide a whole conveyor belt splicing solution, including rubber conveyor belt vulcanizers (for steel cord belt and EP Fabric), pvc/pu conveyor belt splice press, conveyor belt finger puncher, belt ply separator, conveyor belt slitter, High Frequency welding machines and belt perforating machine etc.

And taking into account the improvement of overall production capacity, we can customize a full set of processing equipment in the workshop for customers. After careful design by our technical team, we can provide the best results, safe and effective, and cost-control supporting solutions.

Our Services



Beltwin provides excellent customer services for our customers, including design services, consulting services, equipment operation and so on.


Technical Support Services

Beltwin has a team of experienced engineers to provide free services of technical when need.



Beltwin provides training services for our customers to ensure that new or existing equipment is kept in the optimum operation condition and secures a long life cycle.



Beltwin offers a portfolio of excellent after sales services, customized according to the specific needs of our customers.


Customized Design Services

Beltwin can make special design and machine based on client detailed requirement with competitive manufacturing process cost.