13KW High Frequency Welding Machine for PVC PU Belt Cleat, V Guide, Sidewall

High Frequency Belt Welding Machine, used for welding T Cleat, X Cleat, Sidewall and guide
13KW High Frequency Welding Machine for PVC PU Belt Cleat, V Guide, Sidewall
13KW High Frequency Welding Machine for PVC PU Belt Cleat, V Guide, Sidewall 13KW High Frequency Welding Machine for PVC PU Belt Cleat, V Guide, Sidewall

BELTWIN High Frequency welding machine is using for Fabrications of various cleats, steps and sidewalls can be done easily.

Our High Frequency welder is specially made for the conveyor belt which is made of PVC and TPU, Conveyor Belts ,T-Cleats and Fabricated Cleats ,Sidewalls.

Product Information:

  1. Machine Power: 13KW
  2. Welding Length: Cleat: Max 750mm, Sidewall: Max 500-550mm at one time
  3. Max Belt Width: 1500mm
  4. Working Voltage: 380V 3 Phases, other voltage available by request
  5. Adjust the current by button.


  1. Protection cover
  2. Remote Control Box or Remote control panel.


  1. Used for industrial belt, conveyor belt, transmission belt, baffle, sidewall welding
  2. Machine groove is deep and wide. It is convenient to weld large area.
  3. Adopting high sensitive spark protect device to avoid damaging the mould.
  4. Welding length can be extended to 700mm or longer for one time.
  5. European model square high frequency vibration box, more stable in output.
  6. Adjusting the current through the button is more accurate.

Techanical Specifications:

  • HF power outputs 13KW
  • Stable High frequency output
  • Power Supply: 3P 380V 50HZ
  • Universal for T-Cleats, X-Cleats, L-Cleats, Sidewalls, profile ,V-Guides etc.
  • Automated HF weld cycles
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Fully HF shielded, whole machine under protection
  • With serious protection: The current resistance protection, Spark protection and Emergency brake protection
  • High quality vacuum tube from CANON, made in Japan.
  • Use pneumatic lifting system
  • Upper weld platen size: 700*400mm
  • Size of working table: 1000*600mm
  • Length of working table: 1000mm
  • Can used for various material thicknesses and cleat/ side wall heights (upto 120mm)

Photos For High Frequency Machine

13KW HF Machine With Moveable Control Box:

Length of working table is 1000mm, can weld maximum 750mm length cleat or 550mm length sidewall on 1500mm PVC/PU belt in one time.


  • 15 years long life time
  • Reliable machine structure, cross profile without welding and bolts. Cut from complete metal plate. Offer longer life time.

  • Stable high frequency oscillation output
  • Sensitive sparkle protection
  • Fast preheating and stable heating-up,
  • Effectual shielding of high-frequency power output
  • Over Current Protection
  • Fast preheating and stable heating-up, applicable for large acreage welding, reduce at least 30% high-frequency power output
  • Range of application: Sidewall, Cleat, Serging and guide welding.
  • CE approved and EU Standard Security Monitoring
  • Provide professional technical support and after-service in time.

Safety Mark

For cleats and 3mm thick sidewall:

Delay time: set it at 3s

Welding time: 50s

(u can adjust the time according to real case when the material is too thick or too thin,slowly by 5s interval )

Cooling time: 45s

Rise time: 3s

Counter: 0.5-0.6 for PVC cleats and sidewall 0.8-1.0 for PU cleats and sidewall.

Profile Moulds

HF machine need mould to finish welding work, regarding the mould, we list some normal size as you choose, and standard mould length is 500mm.