Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions not have in the list, please freely to contact us for more information:

01) Q: What’s the difference between you and other suppliers?
A: One of the most professional suppliers, have abundant experience in this field, especial for exporting, 50% our machines export to different countries. Also we are not stop try to improve on our machines, like quality, weight of each components and more new machines. Like below:  1. Light weight of the components, like heating platen, our weight is half of other suppliers. Weight close to Almex, some type even lighter than Almex heating platen.   2. New controller, new pressure bag, new heating platen.  3. Improved water cooling system reduce cooling time to 5mins. 4. New socket & plugs. 5. New structure of the heating platen, can use pressure pump for water cooling directly,  no need special water cooling pump.
02) Q: Whether you can make the degree of the heating platen 22 degree like Almex standard
A: Yes, no problem, most of the customers ask 22 degree or 17 degree. Please inform us the requirements of the degree before order. Rectangle type heating platen is also optional.
03) Q: Whether you can change the positions of the heating platen power connectors?
A: Yes, no problem, also change the water inlet position of the pressure bag is available.
04) Q: Can you supply us only spare parts for our old machines?
A: Yes. Like aluminum bars, bolts, pressure bag, heating platen etc. Actually, except our completed machines, we always supply our customers spare parts for their old machine.
05) Q: If only heating platen for the old machine, whether can work with the old controller?
A: It’s  a pity, our heating platen must need use our controller and cable cords.
06 ) Q: Normal delivery time?
A: Vulcanizers need about 30~45 working days.  PVC Belt Sprice press, standard size we have stocks.
07 ) Q: If we need the machines very urgent, can you help us?
A: If production plan allowed, we can try to control it in 20 days. And try our best to make each step perfect, to avoid any delay.Before order (make clear your requirements) >> When get the swift from the bank >> Start Production Soon >> When goods will be ready, contact your forwarder or our forwarder first >> Goods ready, ship out ASAP, no delay. By the way, if special shipment, like air shipment, please tell us first, we will try to make the packing as small as possible, also guarantee the pressure no problem at the lightest weight.We have records to send one 1600mm width vulcanzier to South Africa, send out in 16days, not working days.
08) Q: Can you make more safe 3 phase 5 wires power system?
A: Yes, no problem. It’s optional. We can make special use 5 wires plugs and sockets.
09) Q: Can you make the machines at 220V 3 phase or single phase, or 480V, 440V etc.?
A: Yes, no problem. Our machines have exported to different countries in the world, we can make the voltage accords to different requirements, like 220V 3 phase for the United States etc. 220V, 380V, 400V, 440V, 480V, 3 phase, 50Hz or 60Hz is available.Also single phase 220V etc.But please contact us first to confirm it, because the same machine, different voltage, maybe the power is much different, our machine is ok, but whether your power system can acceptable. For example, 42″x33″ press change voltage from 480V 3 phase to 240V Single phase, the power will be increased about triple to 11.3KW.
10) Q: What’s the max working pressure you can make?
A: Accords to your requirements. Most of the pressure is no problem. For exporting, normal pressure is 0.8Mpa, EP belt 1.2 Mpa, for steel cord belt normal is 200PSI=1.4Mpa. Higher pressure is available.
11) Q: Will you test the machine before shipping?
A: Yes, each machine, we will install and test before shipping. And testing pressure is higher than working pressure.
12) Q. What’s the material of your bolts?
A: Normal is steel material to guarantee enough strength, also we can make aluminum bolt, weight is lighter.
13) Q: Can you print our logo or without any logo?
A: It’s no problem OEM. Before order, please send us the clear document of your logo, also the authorization paper to allow us to print your logo.
14) Q: What’s the max belt width did you make before?
A: 3000mm belt width to Italy.
15) Q: Whether can visit your workshop and to see how to process the machine?
A: No problems, you are always welcomed to visit us, before order and before shipping.If need to see how to process the machines, please inform us what type machines you want to see, we will try to prepare the similar machines ready before you come. Because vulcanizing machines always produced accords to the order, no stock. Normal rubber belt vulcanizers always have at any time.
16) Q: We don’t know the exact machine we need, can you help us to make a solution?
A: Yes, no problem, please let me know the belt type, belt strength (if steel cord belt, like ST1600 etc.), max belt width, our team will give a best solution.
 17) Q: How to Order one vulcanizer?
A: 1. Please let me know which type belt, rubber belt, steel cord belt, PVC belt or other type belts.  2. Max belt width  3. Heating Platen Length or max splicing length(You can get such length from belt manufacturer recommendation) or you can inform us what kind of belt, our engineers will help you to confirm it.  4. Working Pressure (If know is better, or we will make accords to the belt that you will splice)  5. Working Voltage