Why Do We Need Finger Puncher Machine Before Belt Joint?

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The use of a finger puncher machine before belt splicing is a common practice in conveyor belt maintenance and repair. Here are a few reasons why it is beneficial:

                                                    (Beltwin Manual Finger Puncher for PVC PU Belts)

  • Belt Preparation

Before splicing a conveyor belt, it is crucial to ensure that the belt ends have a clean and precise cut. The finger puncher machine is used to create accurate and consistent finger-like incisions along the belt ends. These incisions allow for the insertion of mechanical fasteners or joining plates during the splicing process.

                                                                     (Beltwin Pneumatic Finger Puncher for PVC PU Belts)

  • Stronger Splice Joints

The finger-like incisions created by the finger puncher machine provide additional surface area for the fasteners or joining plates to attach to the belt ends. This results in stronger and more reliable splice joints. The increased surface area helps distribute tension and stress more evenly across the splice, reducing the likelihood of joint failure.

                                                                        (Beltwin Automatic Finger Puncher for PVC PU Belts)

  • Improved Belt Tracking

Conveyor belts must run smoothly and maintain proper alignment to prevent issues such as belt mistracking and premature wear. When the finger puncher machine creates evenly spaced incisions, it helps ensure that the belt will track properly after the splicing process. This promotes better belt performance and reduces the risk of damage to the belt and other conveyor components.

                                                                      (Beltwin Manual Finger Puncher for Transmission Belts)

  • Time and Cost Efficiency

Finger punching the belt ends using a dedicated machine is a quicker and more efficient method compared to manual cutting or other methods. The machine ensures consistent and precise incisions, which saves time during the splicing process. Additionally, by producing reliable and durable splice joints, the need for frequent repairs or replacements is reduced, resulting in cost savings over the long term.

At Beltwin, we provide an array of finger punchers to cater to your specific needs. Our selection comprises manual, pneumatic, and automatic options, and we are happy to suggest the most suitable one for you based on your belt width and requirements. If you're interested, please feel free to reach out to us without hesitation.