How to Choose the Conveyor Belt

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Widely used in various industries such as manufacturing, food, textiles, and packaging industries, and so on, the conveyor belt is a crucial part of the conveyor system. The conveyor belt should be chosen appropriately to keep the system running smoothly. So how do we choose the right belt for your system? Some tips follow:

The conveyor belts are made from various materials such as rubber, polyester, leather, nylon, etc. Getting the accurate length, width and thickness is an essential step to choose the right belt.

What kind of product will be conveyed on the conveyor belt is a significant part of choosing the right belt. The details include the shape, size, and weight of the products being conveyed.

Decline or incline requirements
The movement of the conveyor system is also an important factor to consider. If the belt moves upward or downward, then the belt should be welded by the guide, sidewalls, or cleats. Therefore, whether can be welded also needs considering because it means you need preparing machines to weld, such as the guide welding machine or the high-frequency belt welding machines, which you can find in Beltwin.

PVC PU Belt Sidewall Welding 

PVC PU Belt Edge Seal Welding

PVC PU Belt Guide Welding 

PVC PU Belt Hole Punching

Beltwin, which mainly produces splicing devices, according to the belt types, width, and function, can offer types of processing machines, such as the air cooling press, the water cooling press to the belt joint, and guide machine, edge seal machine, high frequency machine for belt weld ect. 

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Machine (Hole Punch):


Those mentioned factors are indispensable when choosing the conveyor belt. Without a proper conveyor belt, there will be a great impact on the product, conveyor system, and production. Any more information interested, pls advise.