Air-cooling Joint Press in the Agricultural Industry

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With the improvement in technology and economics, the agricultural industry also uses conveying equipment to save costs and increase income. As one of the indispensable main parts of the conveying equipment, the conveyor belt is widely adopted in agriculture. The need for conveyor belts is highly increasing. So, what kind of conveyor belt can be used in the agricultural industry? The PVC belt is the best choice!!!

(Homogeneous PU Belt / Thermodrive Belt Splice Press)

The PVC belt is widely used in agriculture to convey various solid block and powder materials or finished articles. High-strength, high-quality cotton, nylon, and polyester canvas as the core, made of the purely natural rubber non-pollution compounding agent, it is a white or light color and does not affect the food hygiene and peculiar smell. Its formula design is reasonable and in line with sanitary indicators. The PVC conveyor belt is easy to use, and maintain and can shorten the transportation distance, and save manpower and material resources.

(Air Cooling PVC PU Belt Splice Press)

During using, in case of the belt is broken, a joint machine is essential to prepare. The air-cooling joint machine is the most suitable to achieve the best effect on the joint. As the characteristic machine in Beltwin, it has been gaining in popularity. This machine is portable and easy to operate. Different models can meet all your requirements. So why not purchase one now?