Four Questions for Explosion-proof Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer

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  • What is the explosion-proof conveyor belt vulcanizer?

It is suitable for the rubber conveyor belt.

It is the coal industry transport machinery belt install equipment, used for coal mine conveyor belt splicing and repairing.

  • Why do we need the explosion-proof conveyor belt vulcanizer?

It is portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

It has fast heating up, and a uniform heating temperature.

  • Which industries are suitable for using the explosion-proof conveyor belt vulcanizer?

It can be used in coal mines, power plants, docks, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials, and other industries with the same explosion-proof level.

  • Where can I buy the explosion-proof conveyor belt vulcanizing machine?

Beltwin, which is one of the leading professional total-solution manufacturers and suppliers for conveyor belt fabrication equipment for 15 years in China, provides the vulcanizers, the air cooling press, the perforating machine, and so on.

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