Edge Repair Vulcanizers | Repair Vulcanizing Press for Rubber Conveyor Belt

Edge Conveyor Belt Repair Presses, light weight, used for rubber conveyor belt edge repair. Suitable for repairs to both fabric and steelcord belt.
Edge Repair Vulcanizers | Repair Vulcanizing Press for Rubber Conveyor Belt


Edge repair vulcanizers can be used for edge-repairs. Works with all kinds of rubber belt. Restoring the edge of the belt lengthens belt life. Available in multiple voltages. Lightweight aluminum construction for maneuverability.

With automatic temperature and time controller. 

Product Information:

Type of conveyor belt Repair area Heating plate size Power Pressure(Mpa)
Cotton Alum, Nylon, EP, Steel Cord Belt 250*900mm 300*1000mm Depending on specific specifications <0.5
250*1400mm 300*1500mm <0.8
  1. Material: Aluminum Frame
  2. Repair: Belt Edge Broken
  3. Pressure System: Common Pressure bag (air or water pressure)
  4. Maximum working pressure of 75 psi (5 kg/cm²)
  5. Heating Platen Dimension: Flexible sizes:

300*1000mm  300*1200mm  300*1500mm  300*2000mm

200*800mm    200*1000mm  200*1500mm  200*2000mm

other sizes can make accords to order.

  1. Heating Platen: Electric shielded resistance or silicone elements


  1. Silicone heating element
  2. Manual Water pump


  • Pressure Clamp Frame made of aluminium alloy
  • Maximum resistance to bending with minimum weight
  • Special for repairing rubber conveyor belt edges, extend the service life of the belting.
  • Works with all kinds of rubber belt, include fabric EP rubber belt and steel cord ST rubber belt.
  • With water cooling system
  • Available sizes: length 800mm, 1000mm 1200mm, 1500mm 2000mm, also can make special accords to customer’s requirements
  • Automatic Switch Cabinet 
  • With connecting cables (number and type depends on number and sizes of the heating platens)
  • Digital temperature display


Compare with belt vulcanizer, it used smaller controller, also with temperature and time automatic control.

In case of electronic controller failure, manual operation is possible as well.

1. Main switch (circuit breaker with leakage protection)
2. Electronic type time relay (timer)
3 & 4. Temperature controllers for lower and upper heating platens
5. Power indicator
6. Alarm Indication
7 & 8. Indicating lamp of lower and upper heating platens
9 & 10. Automatic / Manual switch of lower and upper heating platens
11. Voltmeter