Timing Belt Joint Machine PC100T-200T

This machine is for jointing timing belts in a ring shape.Such as T5, AT5, T10, AT10, 5M, 8M, S5M, S8M, H type, L type,T20,AT20,etc.Standard belt widths:100/150/200mm,special sizes can be customized.
Timing Belt Joint Machine PC100T-200T
Timing Belt Joint Machine PC100T-200T Timing Belt Joint Machine PC100T-200T Timing Belt Joint Machine PC100T-200T Timing Belt Joint Machine PC100T-200T Timing Belt Joint Machine PC100T-200T Timing Belt Joint Machine PC100T-200T

Features Benefits

After putting the belt, no operation is required. Automatic control from heating to cooling.

The operation is simple. Workers can operate multiple machines at the same time to improve efficiency.

The machine adopt cylinder and a movable universal controller to make the pressure higher and even on the heating platen.

Keeping the upper and lower heating platen level. And make the belt thickness of joint part is uniform. High balance and high precision.

Cylinder easy maintenance and install.Keeping the working environment clean.

The welding mold is made of 718 high-quality mold steel, and the surface is sprayed with environmentally Teflon coating.

High quality of mould, the flatness of joint belt is high. And the Teflon spraying process is maintenance-free and can prevent the belt from sticking to the mold.

Welding mold can choose "Adjustable Width Design"

Suitable for belt of various widths. For example, one mould can used for belt with a width of 25-150mm. Reduces cost investment.

Technical Datasheet

Model PC100T PC150T PC200T
Max Belt Width 100mm 150mm 200mm
Heating Platen Size 150*200mm 200*200mm 250*250mm
Joint Mold Size 120*260mm 170*280mm 220*300mm
Min Belt Perimeter 600mm 700mm 800mm
Pressure System Welding Pressure provided by pneumatic cylinder
Temperature Range 50-230℃ 50-230℃ 50-230℃
Pressure 6bar-8bar 6bar-8bar 6bar-8bar
Voltage 220v 220v 220v
Power 4.5kw 4.5kw 4.5kw

Standard Cooling

Standard machines can be connected to water pipes. The machine is equipped with an electromagnetic valve, which automatically controls the water outlet when it is cooling, and automatically stops the water when it reaches the cooling temperature.


  • Self-Circulation Water Cooling System.
  • With cooling water circulation, add stainless steel water tank and water pump. Connect the machine to achieve water circulation cooling and work longer.

Timing Belt Jointing Mould (Belt width adjustable)

Timing Belt Joint Processes

1.Make fingers on timing  belt by timing  belt finger punching machine.

If you have interesting to this punching machine ,please click here: Timing Belt Finger Punching Machine

2.Put belts in the welding mould and match the belt fingers.

3.Put welding mould into heating platen and make belt jointing.

4.After heating process finish, can get the finished timing belt.

Packing Photos


Question: Why would the PU timing belt jointing is easy to break ?

Answer: According to the structure of timing belt, the steel wire core or wire core will be effect to the strength layer.

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