Conveyor Belt Winder CA1500W-3500W

Beltwin provides electric conveyor belt winders for solving conveyor belt traction and winding. Square shaft or different size air Expandable Shafts available.
Conveyor Belt Winder CA1500W-3500W
Conveyor Belt Winder CA1500W-3500W Conveyor Belt Winder CA1500W-3500W Conveyor Belt Winder CA1500W-3500W Conveyor Belt Winder CA1500W-3500W

Beltwin has all series of belt winders and stands for all belt sizes and length.With the equipment manufacturing experience of several engineers, Beltwin’s belt winder is special designed for the longitudinal cutting of conveyor belts, belt width from 1500mm to 3500mm.


  • Winder for all types conveyor belt (PVC, PU, PVK, Rubber conveyor belt and non-woven fabrics.)
  • Units are designed for years of reliable trouble-free operation.
  • According to different working requirements, can adjust the roll speed.
  • The winder and the machine are controlled by a main motor, with stable speed and good performance.
  • Beltwin’s winder can based upon the length and the width of the conveyor belt, the pulling force and the diameter of the roll that unique requirements.


  1. Standard winder can bear 1000kgs weight and 1000mm diameter conveyor belt roll.Can be customized as your request.
  2. Standard winder equipped square shaft 70*70mm.
  3. Working voltage: 380v 3phase.

Optional: 70-110mm square shaft, diameter 70-150mm round shaft.      

Specifications             CA2000W CA3200W CA3500W
Belt Width 2000mm 3200mm 3500mm
Standard Voltage 380V 3phase
Max Belt Diameter 1200mm
Max load Capacity 1300kg 1700kg 1700kg
Power 750W

Square shaft:

Shaft diameter: 70*70mm and 80*80mm.

Air shaft (expandable shaft):

  • The shaft diameter: 150mm
  • It conforms to the shape of the inner core of the conveyor belt.
  • Better fit to the conveyor belt for smoother cutting of the belt.

Pneumatic sleeve:

  • Shaft diameter: 150mm
  • This winder provides a more economical choice for some customers with insufficient budgets.