What is Belt Edge Sealing

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PVC conveyor belt edge sealing,how to seal the belt edge?Why do I need belt sealing?What industry and what production environment need Edge Seal Conveyor Belts?How can seal the belt edge easily?


A. The problem maybe you faced:

1. Too complicated to seal the belt edge, need several steps to finish the work.

2. Difficult to make the edge the same color as the belt.

3. Too thick or too hard edge, can't operate over knife edges

4. Special automatic machine is too expensive and big

5. Low working efficiency, can't seal the edge very long at one time.


B. Applications

Edge Seal PVC PU conveyor belts are usually used in the electronics industry and food industry.

1. When electronic factories produce products, they need a dust-free environment. When ordinary conveyor belts are running, there will be friction on both sides of the conveyor belt. Generates dust, so edge sealing is required, avoid fiber contamination.

2. Used in food industry, edge sealing conveyor belt can prevents oil, grease, water, foreign bodies and bacteria from penetrating the belt of the side.

3. Reducing damage to belting, it can increases the service life of your PVC PU conveyor belt.

C. Different Belt Edge Sealing Methods:

1. Use edge band (PVC or PU, green color or transparent)

Need device: Belt ply separator, Belt Hot Splice press, Edge Band

Normally, if the PVC or PU conveyor belt edge need to be sealing, generally 2ply and 2pvc or more are required for edging. First, separate the fabric surface and the PVC surface, the bottom fabric is pulled off by 20mm, the middle fabric layer is pulled off by 15mm, and the edge band is used to seal the edge. The distance from the edge band to the edge of the conveyor belt is 10mm. The edge sealing adopts a hot-melt process (can use the hot belt splice press), and its function is to integrate the edge sealing and the conveyor belt as a whole, so that there will be no falling off. It is best to use a PVC conveyor belt with a thickness of more than 3mm for edge sealing.

2. HF Welding Machine

Need device: Belt ply separator, HF Welding machine, Guide welding machine, Edge Sealing Mould, Cutting Machine and PVC Guide

First Step: Need separate the belt. Make it 2 steps.

Second Step: Using guide welding machine, weld the belt with the PVC guide. Sometimes, will use PVC film, then no need guide welding machine. The mould will be different.

Third Step: Work with special mould press in the HF welding machine.

Final Step: Using cutting machine to make the edge surface more flat.  

3. Beltwin Special Hot Press

Without ply separator etc. devices, also no need PVC film or edge band.

1.Easy to operation: Don't need do any pre-process on the belt edge. Sealing can be carried out the belt edge directly.

2.Automatic operation:  When start sealing, all the process of heating, dwell and cooling is automatic.

3.Fast cooling: With air cooling system, can make quick cooling in 150-200 seconds.

4.Don't need any extra material on edage sealing, the color of edge after sealing is totally same as the belt.

5.Don't have any belt width limit. 6.High efficiency: One person can finish all process easily.