How to use an air-cooled treadmill belt

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Briefly familiarize yourself with the functions and use of the treadmill.

Over the past two years, many people have chosen to exercise at home due to the impact of COVID-19. Treadmills are becoming more and more widely used in everyday families and are becoming the best choice for most people who want to exercise and want to be healthy but don't have too much time or can't do outdoor sports.

Running is the simplest yet most natural activity for all people. The most effective way of exercising is accepted by most people. In addition to the motor and control program, the running belt is an important part of the treadmill.

There are many patterns on the surface of the treadmill, usually diamond-shaped. The goal is to increase friction. To make it not easy for the athlete to fall while running.

To ensure that the treadmill's butt joint can be perfect, the joint machine requires a high quality joint to keep the treadmill running with minimal noise.

This time we used a PA-600 air-cooled press to join the treadmill belt.

The standard treadmill has a width of 42cm, 45cm, 48cm, 50cm, 51cm, 52cm, 55cm, etc., and a thickness of 1.6mm to 4mm. This time we have a running belt that is 45cm wide and 1.6mm thick.

Let me show you how to connect and some details of the operation.

1. Before connecting, we need to pierce this belt with our fingers.

(Automatic puncher with a blade size of 20*80 mm and an angle of 70°, it is possible to manufacture a blade of a different size).

2. Put the belt on the hot plate.

3. Place the same tape material on both sides of the heating plate.

4. Also place the tape on both sides of the hot plate. Why is this needed?

A. The heating zone will be kept at a constant temperature.

B. Make sure that the thickness of the treadmill belt is the same.

C. Do not allow the temperature of the heating plate to spread to both sides of the treadmill during the heating process to cause unevenness.

The width of the belt at the docking point is 130mm.

The same width of the belt material on both sides is 35 mm.

5. Place the silicone mat (silicone mold) over the treadmill belt.

6. Put on the Teflon film.

7. Install the upper pressure beam and set the parameter

Connection temperature: 176℃

Splice time: 2:30 min.

Cooling temperature: 60℃

Pressure: 0.6 bar

*(After setting the pressure, be sure to return the interface to the display interface, otherwise the machine will not be able to display the pressure during operation.)

8. Finished connection, relieve pressure and remove the top pressure bar.

9. Perfect connection.

10. Finished production of treadmill belt.