Factors to Think about before Conveyor Belt Repairing

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Commonly, the conveyor belt is broken during production. When it happens, what will the maintenance personnel do? Will the belt be replaced or just repaired? What is the maintenance policy? Here are some factors needing consideration.


1 Is the damage serious?

Tearing will cause a loss of strength. The tensile force always borne by the damaged area is transferred to the adjacent belt section. If there are only some minor tears on the belt and they won’t cause the risk of leak and expansion, it’s a good choice to repair it. But if there are some big cracks on the belt, the overstress balance of the belt will fail, then changing the belt will be better. 


2 Is the repairing time bearable?

It must spend much time no matter whether the belt is changed or repaired. And it will also cause many troubles in production and increase financial loss. Sometimes, changing the belt costs less time than fixing it because repairing the belt requires the repair machines to be ready while some companies may not have those. And the time of using a repaired belt also needs considering. How long can it last using when it is repaired?  


3 Is there an efficient way to repair it?

There are three types to repair a belt: mechanical splicing, cold vulcanization splicing, and hot vulcanization splicing. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages but hot vulcanization splicing is the most popular way. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a splicing machine.


Beltwin, which mainly produces splicing machines, according to the belt types, width, and function, can offer kinds of splicing machines. For the PVC PU conveyor belt , Beltwin lightweight hot press like air cooling press , it can easy to maneuver into the desired splice position. And the effect is the same as the original belt. For the Rubber conveyor belt, we also have spot repair vulcanizer, high strength aluminium alloy structure - Sturdy. Specially desigend for rubber belt spot repair.

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PVC PU lightweight belt hot press , cooled by air:


Rubber heavyweight belt hot vulcanizng press:


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