Conveyor system

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A conveyor system is a fast and efficient mechanical handling apparatus for automatically transporting loads and materials within an area. This system minimizes human error, lowers workplace risks and reduces labor costs — among other benefits. They are useful in helping to move bulky or heavy items from one point to another. A conveyor system may use a belt, wheels, rollers, or a chain to transport objects.

When it comes to conveyor system work, it consists of a belt stretched across two or more pulleys. The belt forms a closed loop around the pulleys so it can continually rotate. One pulley, known as the drive pulley, drives or tows the belt, moving items from one location to another.
The most common conveyor system designs use a rotor to power the drive pulley and belt. The belt remains attached to the rotor through the friction between the two surfaces. For the belt to move effectively, both the drive pulley and idler must run in the same direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.
While conventional conveyor systems such as moving walkways and grocery store conveyors are straight, sometimes, the unit needs to turn to deliver the items to the proper location. For the turns, there are unique cone-shaped wheels or rotors which allow the belt to follow a bend or twist without getting tangled.

The main purpose of a conveyor system is to move objects from one location to another. The design allows for movement of objects that are too heavy or too bulky for humans to carry by hand.
Conveyor systems save time when transporting items from one location to another. As they can be inclined to span multiple levels, they make it simpler to move items up and down floors, a task that, when performed manually by humans, causes physical strain. Inclined belts can automatically unload material, eliminating the need for someone to be on the opposite end to receive pieces.

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