PU Timing Belt Coating Machine QC180C

This machine is mainly for using heating gun to hot coat rubber material on PU timing belt, can soften and protect timing belt.
PU Timing Belt Coating Machine QC180C

QC180C is mainly to heat and coat different materials (APL, PU, form and etc) on the PU timing belt by heating gun. This process can soften and protect the timing belt.


Optional Function: Adding guide on the timing belt

Technical Datasheet

Model QC180C
Max Belt Width 180mm
Minimum Total Length 600mm
Spindle Speed Frequency adjustable speed
Voltage 380V 3phase or as request
Motor Power 0.75KW
Blower Power 0.38KW
Machine Structure 40*40 square tube with copper plate
Surface Structure Plastic coating+accessories electroplating treatment
Cooling Method Circulating water cooling for the timing belt wheel to make the machine can continue to work for 24 hours


1PC Timing belt wheel model for H
1PC Timing belt wheel model for AT5/T5
1PC Timing belt wheel model for AT10/T10
1PC Timing belt wheel model for AT20/T2
1PC Timing belt wheel model for HTD8M/STD8M/RPP8M
1PC Hot air gun made in Switzerland / Brand: BAK
1PC Hot air gun nozzle for width 70/120/150/200mm each
1PC Stainless steel water tank for water circulation system
1PC Timing belt stand
Features Benefits
Water circulation system with stainless water tank, long time to keep water cooling for timing belt running wheel The timing belt wheel will not overheat and belt will not stick to timing wheel. Make sure 24 hours no-stop working for large quantity coating
With 5pcs timing belt wheels (belt type optional) Can change timing belt wheels to suit different timing belts and improve coating accuarcy
The cylinder controls the welding gap between the timing belt and the material and the distance can be adjusted The total thickness of welding can be adjusted,not too thick or too thin. To match usage requirements
Switzerland "BAK"brand heating gun Ensure the coating quality and speed

  1. Control panel: control roller fixture,heat gun heating, water circulation cooling etc.
  2. BAK brand heating gun produced in Switzerland
  3. Synchronous drive wheel: matching timing belt tooth, equipped with water circulation cooling
  4. Cylinder: control roller fixture route

Machine Working Details

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