Timing Belt Grinding & Milling Machine QD150G

QD150G ia an all-in-one design for timing belt grinding. It can grind the timing belt back and edge and includes a device to mill the teeth on the belt surface.
Timing Belt Grinding & Milling Machine QD150G
Timing Belt Grinding & Milling Machine QD150G Timing Belt Grinding & Milling Machine QD150G


Technical Datasheet

Type QD150G
Suitable For PU/Rubber sheet or belt coating products
Working Voltage 380V 3phase or as request
Frequency 50~60HZ
Working Width 5-150mm
Working Belt Thickness 1-20mm (please inform us if you need to process thinner or thicker belt)
Grinding Width 5-150mm
Working Length 1500mm-unlimited length
Belt Edge Grinding Motor Power 1.5KW
Spindle Speed Frequency adjustable speed
Belt Edge Grinding Motor Speed 4500r/min
Belt Back Grinding Motor Power 1.5KW
Belt Back Grinding Motor Speed 3500r/min
Accuarcy of Teeth Milling ±0.2mm
Accuracy of Teeth Milling ±0.4mm
Machine Structure Surface plastic coating+accessories electroplating treatment

  1. Control Panel: control roller clamps,edging and surface grinding switches etc
  2. Working area for belt edge grinding
  3. Working area for belt back grinding/teeth milling
  4. Rotary handle to control grinding accuracy
  5. Lifting roller fixture and driving wheel
Features Benefits
One machine can make 3 types of timing belt process functions: belt back grinding/ belt edge grinding/ teeth milling Simple operation, lower machine input cost, high accuracy.
Digital conreol panel & Rotary handle grinding high accuracy adjusting

Accuracy of edge & back grinding:±0.2mm

Accuracy of teeth milling:±0.4mm

Equipped with high-speed milling cutter and diamond abrasive tools, it is specially used for grinding various glued materials The grinding tool is very durable and maintenance-free, the speed is as high as 4500r/min and the processed surface is very smooth.
Milling toolsize can be changed Suitable for longitudinal milling requirements of various width
Moveable stand No belt length limited

Timing belt grinding machine