Delivery Diary (Vulcanizer DSLQ-S 2843 EA beams, DSLQ-S 2856 EAX Beams to USA ) 2022-5-16

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Customer Information

Country: Mexico

Client has rich experiences in conveyor belt and had more than three throusand successful case for the belt service, So this time, in order to expand their service for site work, we have made great cooperation. 

Delivery Date 2022-01-11

Machine Detail:

Vulcanizer DSLQ-S 2843

Splicing Angle: 22 degree

Working Pressure: 100PSI

Heating Platen: 28*43

Beams: EA 

Vulcanizer DSLQ-S 2856

Splicing Angle: 22 degree

Working Pressure:200PSI

Heating Platen: 28''*56''

Beams: EAX

Delivery Photos:

After they received the machine and put into use, we got the good feedback from them:

Second Generation DSLQ-S Vulcanizer

Vulcanization the use of heat, time, and pressure to re-splice a belt is the most reliable conveyor belt repair method, as it creates the highest return to original belt strength.