Timing Belt Perforating Machine TD200T &TD500T

This machine can be used for different types of processing on timing belts including slotting, perforating, countesink, tooth removal.
Timing Belt Perforating Machine TD200T &TD500T
Timing Belt Perforating Machine TD200T &TD500T Timing Belt Perforating Machine TD200T &TD500T

Technical Datasheet

Model TD200T TD500T
Spindle Power 800w 2.2kw
Spindle Speed 24000r/min 24000r/min
Maximum Belt Width 200mm 500mm
Maximum Belt Length 6000mm 8000mm
Minimum Belt Length 400mm 700mm
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Blade Size 3-6mm 3-12.7mm
Instruction Format HPLG3D G-code HPLG3D G-code
Tailstock Lagging wheel Lagging wheel
Feeding Height 150mm 150mm
Maximum Space Speed 5000mm/min 7000mm/min
Working Speed 3500mm/min 5000mm/min

Machine Working


Working Effect


Lathe bed Aluminum profile lathe bed
Screw High precision 2510 TAIWAN ball screw
Reduction drive None
Metal plate Fully enclosed
Control system Four axis handle control system
Spindle cooling Air cooling
Gantry Aluminum rectangular tube
Y-type guide rail TAIWAN straight square rail
Dustproof X-axis fitted with an organ cover
Generator 57 stepper motor
Graphics software CAD, MASCAM, UG, etc
Wire Aviation high flexibility shielding wire