Beltwin now push out the third gneration of air cooling belt splice press, can quickly splicing light duty conveyor belting, bring you more efficient, simpler and more perfect seamless splicing. We are sure is worth for your workshop and help your work.

1. Q: Does the press make a high-quality belt splicing in short time?
For example,1.Urgently repair the conveyor belt on the production line;2.Customer request to splice lots of belts in short delivery time and etc.

A:PA series press can make belt splicing in 8-12minutes.General 4 minutes for heating from 20 to 185 degree,2 minutes for cooling from 185 to 65 degree.

Q: Are you very confused that have to take various devices when jointing belt on site? Such as water tank,control box,water pump,air compressor and etc. And need much time to prepare well press on site?

A: PA series with All-in-one design, built-in integrated automatic temperature control system, pressurize system, air cooling system and etc, without any external equipment.
You can start belt jointing immediately when you arrive on-site.


Q: Do you have require to set different and accurate temperature on the surface/bottom of conveyor belt?

A: The upper and lower molds each have a thermostat can independently adjust the temperature.

Q: Does the press can not completely cover the area of finger over finger punching
or have to splice belt many times because the heating area is not big enough?

A: The effective heating width of the heating platen increase to 150mm, solve the problem that can not cover the whole joint area sometimes.
It is very suit to splice belt with finger over finger punch and extra-long finger size (more than 80mm) , can achieve perfect splice quality.

  1. Q: Do you need making standardized belt splice? Do you want to record the parameter settings of different conveyor belts?

A: PA series can be connected with the WIFI,
1.It can read the current splicing information on the mobile phone;
2.View the dynamic information of the splicing process;
3.Store and read the splicing data, the operator can easily select the splicing data of the conveyor belt, to avoid splice failure caused by incorrect data settings, reduce waste of conveyor belts and improve work efficiency.

Q: Do you encounter heating platen arching and bending after long-term using?

A:PA series increase the thickness of fuselage material, reinforce the compressive strength of the fuselage.
PA series press all can hold maximum pressure 2BAR, and new design make the air more uniform in the pressure bag,it is more suitable for splicing PU conveyor belt.

Q: Can the conveyor belt be used immediately after splicing?

A: Both the upper and lower molds are equipped with an integrated air cooling system which can be quickly cooled after finish splicing , improve the splicing quality and shorten the total splicing time.


Q: Has the wrong voltage caused the press to burn out?

A: One more protection line. After connecting the power, you need to confirm the connection voltage before continuing.


Q: Is it usually to take press to on-site or make belt splicing in a high place?

A:PA series with lightweight design, convenience to carry and easy to operate when splicing on site.

Q: Can we provide high-quality services after sale?

A:There is mass-produce for PA series press, each PA series press has a unique number, we can quickly find the production situation and easy to provide solution if any question.
And each year we have schedule to visiting customer’s company and provide service after sale, we had went to UK, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Brazil, Uzbekistan and etc.

Q:Is there any project that urgently needs a press?

A:We make the inventory for all of PA series presses for urgency deliver.

Q: Can the press provide high-quality and very beautiful splicing effect?

A: PA series press can splice the printing guide belt which need highest splicing request, there is no any indentation after finish splicing.