• Waterbag Press for 1.4Mpa (200 psi) surface pressure for steel cord belts
  • Steel cord Conveyor Belt Strength: ST630 ST800 ST1000 ST1250 ST1600 ST2000 ST2500 ST2150 ST3500 ST4000 ST4500 ST5000 ST5400
  • Power Voltage: 380V. 660V. 480V. 440V. 415V. 400V or 220V
  • Standard length of the heating platen is 830mm. Other size of heating platen also available, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm etc. Also for for splicing steelcord conveyor belting, generally will use several units work together.
  • Degree of the heating platen: 22 degree bias angle or 17 degree or 20 degree, rectangle and other degree is optional.
  • Vulcanizing temperature:145℃(adjustable 0~200℃)
  • Temperature-rising time (from normal temperature to vulcanizing temperature): no more than 50 min, accords to different conditions, actually, normal conditions, is around 25~30 mins.
  • With fast cooling system, cool down from 145℃ to 75℃, only need 5mins
  • Time of heat preservation for vulcanizing could be adjusted according to thickness of rubber belt;
When order, pls supply below information, our engineer will make a solution for you.
  1. Max belt width
  2. Heating platen length (or pls supply belt manufacturer’s recommended splice length)
  3. Steel cord belt model (for example ST4500)
  4. Working Voltage
  5. Pressure requirements (for steel cord standard will be 200PSI)
  6. Degree of heating platen (standard will be 22 degree)
  7. Use our normal water bag or new uniform pressure water bag (Almex style), more information pls freely to visit:  Pressure Bags



1. Aluminum Frame (Spanner Bars); 2. Clamping devices; 3. Padding platen (By user); 4. Bolts; 5. Nuts; 6. Gaskets;

7. Heat insulation board; 8&9. Upper and lower heating platens; 10. Hydraulic Board (Pressure bag); 11. Pressure Pump (Auto or manual pump); 12.Control box.


Main Components:

  • Aluminum Frame (Spanner Bars), made of high quality aluminum are engineered for any belt width or operating pressure.
  • High tensile steel nut/bolt assemblies
  • Heating Platens use new rapid cooling system within platens. more information about the heating platen pls freely to click here:  Heating Platens
Heating Video in YouTube:
Water Cooling Video in YouTube:
  • Pressure Bags, you can choose our normal pressure bags or new uniform pressure bag (Almex style), more information pls click here:  Pressure Bags
vulcanizer pressure bag
Pressure Test (Different Pressure requirements, different test) Video in YouTube:
  • Pressure: automatic pressure pump with pressure gauge, allows easy application of pressure up to 200PSI. For steelcord belting, standard will be auto pressure pump, if with water cooling system, will also have one cooling pump.  (Pls note that, if have any special requirements of the cooling pump working pressure, pls inform us before order)
  • Control panel: with time control and digital temperature control. All the parts use high quality electric devices.