• Can use for flat belt & endless belt
  • Operate easy, convenient and fast
  • Lower labour costs, higher productivity
  • Used for different type belts, PVC belt, Treadmill belt,Polyurethane belt, Rubber belt,Timing belt and etc.
  • Belt width under 1200mm
  • 3 size: 600,900 and 1200mm
  • Min belt width:33mm
  • Min endless length:1000mm
  • 5  pcs knives mounted on movable toolbar, and the knives can move, cut into different width belts.
  • Custom working voltage:220V and etc.
Video For Belt Slitter Under 600mm:
Video For Belt Slitter Under 600mm
Video For Belt Slitter Under 1200mm:
video for New Belt Slitter Under 1200mm

Belt Slitter Under 600mm:


Belt Slitter Under 1200mm:


Blade details:

  • The blade can be adjustable
  • Min belt width:33mm
Standard blade (can cut minimum 33mm width belt)

Belt after cutting: