Hydraulic Conveyor Belt Vulcanizers


  • Cross Beam Profiles with hydraulic Pressure System
  • Compact high-pressure hydraulic cylinders for even surface pressure
  • Pressure fluid: Hydraulic oil
  • Working pressure: 150N and 125N
  • Max Belt width: from 650mm to 3000mm
  • Different heating platen size and combination.
  • Degree of the heating platen: 22 degree bias angle or 17 degree, 20 degree, rectangle and other degree is optional.
  • Power Voltage: 380V. 660V. 480V. 440V. 415V. 400V or 220V
  • Vulcanizing temperature:145℃ (adjustable 0~200℃)
  • Temperature-rising time (from normal temperature to vulcanizing temperature): no more than 50 min, accords to different conditions, actually, normal conditions, is around 25~30 mins.
  • Improved cooling system, when use pressure pump for cooling, cooling time only 5mins (cooling from 145 to 75 degrees)
When order, pls supply below information, our engineer will make a solution for you, or pls choose one model from bottom traditional sizes table
  1. Max belt width
  2. Heating platen length (or pls supply belt manufacturer’s recommended splice length)
  3. What kind of belt, light duty belts or heavy duty belts
  4. Working Voltage
  5. Pressure requirements
  6. Degree of heating platen (standard will be 22 degree)

Heating Platen Dimension:

heating platen drawing


Main Components:

1. Hydraulic Cross Beams

  • Speical profiles for cross beams made of high-alloy aluminum
  • Maximum tensile and bending strength with minimum weight
  • Compact high-pressure hydraulic cylinders for even surface pressure
  • Available sizes of profiles for hydraulic cross beams

Hydraulic Conveyor Belt Vulcanizers beams dimensionHydraulic Conveyor Belt Vulcanizers beams

2. Hose Distributor: Matches the number of corss beams of the vulcanizing press

3. Quick and simple pressure build-up, via a hydraulic hand pump (with Pressure gauge for pressure control)

Hydraulic Conveyor Belt Vulcanizers hand pump

4. New electric connect system Old design plug & socket, is flat plug, the plug pins easy broken.

new plug & socket

5. Automaitc control panel: with time control and digital temperature control. All the parts use high quality electric devices with CE certificated.

In case of electronic controller failure, manual operation is possible as well