Clamp press for splicing Tangential Belt.

  • 2 size, 50×50 and 150×85 press kit
  • Variable temperature adjustment (with temperature controlleror at fixed temperature
  • Each kit include hot press with display temperature controller, cooling clamp, and guide rails.
  • For all melt splices; with double-sided heating platen and temperatures adjustable to 210 °C
  • Portable type
  • The heating pliers dispose of an electronic regulation integrated in the handle automatically controlling the heating temperature.
  • For heating the connection, the material is put in to a splicing guide and covered by a pressure plate
Video for Heating Clamps for Melt Splices:
video for Beltwin Endless Timing Belt Cutting Machine

50*50mm Press kits:

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150*85mm Press kits:

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