Rubber belt Frame type press


  • It is designed for fast and dependable belt splicing
  • Lightweight, portable frame press
  • Solid aluminum frame style
  • Use uniform pressure system, new style preesure bag, pls refer to below details.
  • Upper and lower rugged aluminum frames
  • Rapid cooling system within platens, cooling down from 145C to 75C, only 5mins.
  • Lightweight alumium nut & bolt set
  • Some units can work together

How to Order:

  • Heating platen dimension
  • Max Belt width
  • Working pressure 60PSI, 100PSI or other pressure
  • Rectangle style or rhomboid style (standard is 22 degree)
  • Working voltage and phase no.
  • Any other special requirements

Common Size Table:

heating platen drawing
DSLQ-F frame style belt vulcanizer dimension table

Main Components:

Beltwin frame style press for rubber conveyor belting
New Power Connect System, new plug & socket
new socket plug for frame style press

Pressure bag system, can used for both water and air, one time molding, without metal frame, light weight, testing pressure out of our factory is 2.5MPA

belt vulcanizer rubber pressure bag

Automaitc control panel: with time control and digital temperature control. All the parts use high quality electric devices with CE certificated.

In case of electronic controller failure, manual operation is possible as well.