Automatic Type Timing Belt Cutting Machine

Beltwin automatic timing belt cutting machine (1)

Beltwin automatic timing belt cutting machine (2)

Beltwin automatic timing belt cutting machine (3)


Semi-Automatic Type Timing Belt Cutting Machine


The cutting machine was engineered for cutting timing and flat belt sleeves.

The slitter is one of the helpful tools in your shop, it can help you lower labour costs and higher productivity.

The slitter can reduce the storage and costs of belts.

The slitter can supply immediate requirements of your customers. Make a profit.

Have 2 types, semi automatic and automatic

Semi Automatic suitable for medium quantities cutting Automatic suitable for high quantities cutting


Video for Endless Timing Belt Cutting Machine Operation Manual:
video for Beltwin Endless Timing Belt Cutting Machine

Technical Data:

  1. Maximum Belt Width 500mm

  2. Maximum Length 4500mm

  3. Minimum Length: 200mm

  4. Minimum Width: 3mm

  5. High cutting accuracy, ±0.3mm

  6. Electrical connection: 220V, single phase, 3KW. Also can make Dual Voltage 110/220V.

  7. With 2 Cutting shafts (35mm and 65mm)



  1. Controlled by PLC
  2. Cutting speed is variable (controlled by steady frequency inverter) Digital Display of the cutting width
  3. With touch screen, set cutting width and cutting quantities (automatic type) Cutting data storage is optional (automatic type)
  4. Manual cutting shaft angle control
  5. Pneumatic system, help to support hold the cutting shaft. One air compressor is built-in. Also can remove it, if already have air compressor in your workshop.Cutting Shaft is exchangeable.


Safety devices:

Emergency power off Safety knife cover
Electric protection


Machine frame:

Main body free of assemble. Other parts easy bolts connection. Easy maintenance. Baking varnish

The feet of machine are adjustable, make the machine horizontally. Suitable for different floor.


Tension Device:

Electric control

Use ball screw & brass nut Speed is adjustable

Cutting Tool:

Frequency conversion motor, not normal motor (Semi Automatic slitter) High accuracy Servo motor (Automatic slitter)

Knife holder forward and back, use 4pcs cross guide rail, move accuracy under 0.01mm. Cutting motion via hand lever or automatic (via stepping motor)
Slide move use roller screw:

Automatic Slitter:

Three functions in one machine:

1.Manual, manual cutting & manual control the belt width (When use for big size belt, like 3M 5M, small quantities)

2.Semi-automatic. Setting belt width, manual cutting motion. Suitable for medium size and medium quantities.

3.Automatic. Very helpful for small belt, and high quantities. For example, need cut into 200~300pcs small belt.


Special requirements:

Special belt lengths and belt widths.

Can make workshop version for timing belt manufacturer use, longer belt and wider. For example, belt width 1m and belt length 8m.

Special working voltage

Special control panel and function requirements, like data output etc.


Photo Gallery:

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