Video for Belt Guide Machine 3000:
Video for Belt Guide Machine 3000



The guide welding machine adheres V-guides or sidewall to the belt surface with a hot air gun For this machine we use a basic frame with tension car, this enables you to modular build your own machine up to a complete guide welding machine.

On the basic frame we can offer the following modular features:

Guide welding function

Sidewall welding function

– Guide mould:6*4/8*5/10*6/13*8mm,other request can tell us.

– Adjutable welding speed

– Open-throated design for wide material and endless conveyor belts

Grinding head,grind the fabric side of belt in advance. 

– Heating gun assembly.

The work width of the frame is 3000mm

The tension car can be moved and fixed on two rails.

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