Video for Automatic Perforating Machine:
Video for Automatic Perforating Machine
Video for perforating-machine-for-7mm-thickness-belt:
Video for perforating-machine-for-7mm-thickness-belt



  • The Perforating machine is specially designed for making holes. It is suitable for different types of conveyor belts. It can provide customers with high efficiency and convenient perforating experience, get rid of the trouble of manual drilling.
  • The machine uses the drilling method, provide different size perforating head, the sharp perforating head can easily perforate the hard conveyor belt, and the hole without burr.
  • Regarding the operation, with a touch screen, can be arbitrarily set different hole spacing and row spacing,all kinds of layout can be real-time changes, not restricted, and The perforating error can be controlled within 1mm.

perforating machine (2)

perforating machine (1)
perforating machine (4)




  1. Suit for different type conveyor belts, such as PVC/PU belt, Transmission belt, normally the belt without steel cord is ok.
  2. Max belt width: 1000mm
  3. Min endless belt length: 600mm
  4. The commonly used hole size is 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12mm, The drill head is changeable, one type hole size with one drilling head.
  5. High accuracy: 0.1mm
  6. Power: 1500W
  7. Voltage: 220V, Single-Phase
  8. Touch screen, adjustable hole spacing, row spacing, setting of various layouts for holes.
  9. Adjustable perforating speed. Can get 70 holes/min or more.


10.Punching edge more smooth and free of burr.